Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eenie meanie...

The crib dilema. Man I feel over privileged just writing that first part. Seriously, I'm having a dilema over what crib to have my baby sleep in...? I really am lucky! I'm mainly posting this for the mama's and grandmama's out there that have had to listen to Kirk and I debate over our preference in crib. I won't say who likes which, but please let us know which one you like and why if you don't mind. Here they are:


  1. David and I picked our favorites. We pick # 3 as our favorite. It's just neat looking. #1 is our second favorite, because it reminds me of that clock (cosgworth) from Beauty & the Beast. We almost like it as much as #3. And I like #5, because it's simple, but David says it looks like a prison cell and I see his point.

  2. I like 4 and 6. 4 is a little more elegant looking and 6 is just plain cute!!

  3. brittney, connie and remi like 1, 2 and 4, we think #5 looks like a pack n play. but that is just our opinion!! We love you



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