Friday, November 5, 2010

Study my Child

Yesterday on the radio I heard an announcement for the National Children's Study. They are looking for participants to take part in an environment study and will study your child from birth until age 21! There are no medications involved and so I decided to give them a call. They are sending me information and I think we're going to do it. I think it sounds awesome to take part in something bigger than us. Once I get the info I'll tell you more about it and our final decision but you can check to see if your area is still needing participants by clicking here. Don't you think it sounds like an awesome opportunity to be a part of? Let me know if you've heard anything either way.


  1. I thought about that too. I'm not announcing anything but they were doing that in the SLC area when our last baby was born and this next one is if you are planning on getting pregnant in the next 2 years....maybe?

    I think it sounds like an awesome opportunity. You should go for it and let me know what you find out. It sounds like a lot of work/commitment for one as lazy as I am these days. I think anyone who participates is awesome. I actually thought about mentioning that to you.

    Another unrelated thing to look into is at the Child and Family Support Center they offer a special program for mother's who are having their first child. They come to your home, answer questions, and help you keep up with milestones and such for the first year...I think. You should find out more. I wish I would have know about that with my first!

  2. Thanks girl for the pointers. They said that they are sending a packet through the mail so once I get it I'll see how time consuming it is. I'll have to get more info on the Family Support Center program. They are right by my house so it should be pretty easy. Thanks!



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