Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's a gown, not a dress...

Monroe was blessed this last Sunday. It was so nice having both families here. My mom and sister bought a blessing gown for the day. Kirk wasn't too excited, but once Monroe had it on, he had to admit he looked pretty cute.


My sister had also been staying with us for the last two weeks. She's been a lifesaver. Babies are harder than what you'd expect... but they sure are lovely. We had a photo shoot with Monty when Kirk was gone. When the gown came in the mail, it had a bonnet that came with it. That's where Kirk drew the line for the blessing. But since he wasn't around for the photo shoot, we dressed Monroe up in the full outfit.

Monroe wasn't too fond of it either... yes that's throw up, haha.


  1. Looks like Monroe doesn't like the bonnet either since he puked when he had it on.

  2. I think he looks cute with the bonnet.

  3. what a handsome guy!
    spit up and all...

  4. I'm not sure how calling it a gown makes it any better that your son is cross-dressing.



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