Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best Summer Snack

apricot jam

Last week our neighbors invited us to pick apricots with them. I didn't know that they grew in such abundance. We picked for about an hour with about 10 people and barely put a dent in one tree. I made jam this week with the apricots and OMS it is the most amazing recipe. I found it here.

We made the chipotle version, which was so simple. All you had to do was add a teaspoon of adobe sauce and a diced chipotle chile to the bottom of your bottle and then pack in the jam. I am now in love with peanut butter toast with chipotle apricot jam!!! If you want to try any, stop by and we can chat and snack. Or if you want to make your own we have a lot of extra apricots. Just let me know!

Monroe loved eating the apricots. I tried throwing him one from the tree while I was picking.
I felt bad as I accidentally hit him and it made him fall over. Sad but funny...

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