Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eight Toothy Months

Monroe turned eight months this last Friday. We've been traveling (I'll post some pix later) so I didn't get a chance to say happy eight months Monty! He has four teeth now, on the verge of six, and this last week he practiced using them on my arm.
At first I thought it was cute but by the sixth bite... shame on me.

We love our little beaver/shark/monster teeth and all!

P.S. But, if anyone has any suggestions though I'll gladly take them!


  1. we're having problems with arm/shoulder/leg chomping too! if you learn a good trick, let me know!

  2. My suggestion is nip it in the bud now... but I don't know how. We are still having problems with our 2-year-old biting.

    Big brother laughs at this fun game of dinosaur until somebody gets hurt! His 6-year-old and 4-year-old cousins are terrified of him because he chopped into them one day.



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