Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crossfit... my new release

Reebok's new Crossfit commercial

Kirk's cousin invited me to go to her Crossfit class about a month ago. One time was all it took and I've been hooked. I had heard about it so many times, but it's crazy the results I've seen in less than a month. 7 lbs. is one of the things I lost this month and I can do a full chest to ground push up the manly way. There's a lot of things I like about it: palleo diets, bar pull ups, barbels and not to be creepy but all of the women's bodies in my class. They've all had more than 2 kids and have six packs!

I don't get a commission or anything, haha, but everyone should try it. In Logan the first three classes are free and every Saturday is free. Anybody else out there doing it?

p.s. Rachel I think you'd like it since you have buff arms and can do chin ups.


  1. haha. While reading this I was thinking, wow I want to do this. I want to hang from bars even though it looks really intense.... and then I read your p.s.......Also, when you come to SLC we should go to this, http://www.antigravityyogasaltlake.com/

  2. Go Dorthea! 7 lbs is awesome, and I'm pretty sure your cross fit is giving you a better work out that my running is for me. I definitely can't do a manly push up. Ha Ha! Oh and I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog cause that linked me to yours and so now we can stalk each other! :)

  3. Hey Dorthea! I totally want to try this! Where is it and what time? - Alison

    1. It's on airport road! If you go to crossfituac.com there are times on there. Let me know if you want to come with me next week!



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