Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Funeral, A Wedding and Family Time

Summer always gets away from us... Maybe it's because we live in a valley with all four seasons, that I try to ignore the small signs that fall will come again, it will snow and I will be cooped up inside for a few months. The university students are back, which with my timeline means only 2 weeks left of warmth. Somehow all of our summer plans got packaged into three weeks time. I wanted to make sure to document the fun we had.

Grandpa Williams' Funeral (Blackfoot, ID)

Kira and TJ's Wedding (San Diego to Yuma and back)

Brundage Reunion(Redfish Lake, ID)
When your family gets to be this big, it's hard to pick what to highlight. Cliff jumping, water skiing, story times, hiking are a few of the things we did. It's not easy camping with a baby for 5 days but it's totally worth watching Monroe be surrounded by nature (no electronics, but yet completely content).

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