Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pee no evil!

Wild Man! In front of the Ivins' waterfall at the cookout.

Monroe, if you could be naked all day everyday- you would! You are such a sweet boy... with so much energy and creativity. Our friends, Simon and Kate, came for a visit from England. We had a dinner over at the Ivins' home in Bountiful. It was beautiful summer night and this is how we spent it.

the gents'

ma' ladies
Beautiful time, thanks Jay family!

On a side note- Monroe, you make us laugh so hard. A few of the things that make us smile and laugh are:

• Your cute cousins taught you the correct terminology for the female anatomy (thanks Dr. Dan) which you have now warped to vajunkie
• When we sit down for family dinner you tell me, "Thank you for making these mommy." Melt my heart!
• You like talking to Lottie, and call her Lod most of the time.
• You love swimming in the "swimming cool"


  1. Que bonito tiempo con sus amistades , y las bonitas experiencias con los ninos , que como padres esta disfrutando. Bendiciones hijos.



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