Monday, June 28, 2010

My-doula oblangata...

Marlene Rudginsky, Water Spider Designs

Kirk and I have been back and forth over the last couple of months trying to figure out the whole doctor/hospital birth. We are enrolled in a Hypnobabies class (our first class is Weds. and we're not too sure what to expect) and want to try our hardest (my hardest) for a natural birth. In the Hypnobabies course they recommend having a doula to help coach and assist you through your birth. I was telling my cousin Nicole about the doula and all she could think about was a scene from Waterboy when he talks about his medulla oblongata, ; ).

We interviewed a few different people and we found the person that we think will be most compatible with the birth plan we have and our personalities. Her name is Alexis and I don't know if it's creepy but you can see her picture on the Cache Valley Doula's site. We're really excited about having her coach us through the birth and a big + she works at our favorite local bakery and brought us ginger cookies and lemon scones, yum!


  1. I would pick Alexis too. She has the best description and is cute + the whole bakery job.

  2. p.s. i love the picture. Will you give birth just like it. doula alexis and kirk in robes. You will be naked. Kirk will sprinkle water and oil you up.



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