Friday, June 25, 2010

Not-so-mom jeans

So my abs have taken a turn for the worse... they're non-existent.
This is what my belly is starting to look like:

16 weeks

Although I've only gained 8 pounds, I'm pretty sure my hips have started to reshape themselves. My pants are no longer buttoning up and although I've heard of the hair elastic trick (where you string it through the button hole to give you a few extra inches) I was introduced to lounge pants.

My intern, Pam, had on some weird pants that looked a lot like maternity pants. Apparently they are called lounge pants and sold in the Nordstrom's junior section. Since they are in the junior's section, I ordered two styles in a size 7 (I'm normally a 4/6).

They are a great replacement for maternity pants since they don't have the high mom butt and you can wear them like normal pants postpartum! They're on sale right now for $24.90, so if you know any pregnant people or if you like undoing your top button when you're driving or watching t.v. get them while they're hot.



  1. So I love the new blog idea! Even though we don't have internet, I'll check whenever I can. Love you guys and I'm excited to have a baby in Logan!!!
    Loves, Jessica

  2. so do they have lounge pants in men sizes, cause I think I could really get into them,

  3. Ha! Maybe if you're really good you'll get some for your birthday. Even if they are home made.

  4. Really cute & comfy. They will work great for a while. When you get further along, you will want those Motherhood ones. The waist is HUGE but they stay up great and you won't feel like your belly is hanging out the whole time!



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