Monday, July 26, 2010


This last week at our hypnobabies class we were able to watch four births. They were the most amazing births I've ever seen. It's definitely not like the movies or traumatic, but peaceful, natural and controlled. I'm placing a link below, obviously watch at your own discretion, but it's not graphic at all. Her name is Tanya and she has her toddler daughter in the room with her. It's beautiful to watch how her daughter helps to keep her calm and at peace. I think it's a great way to instill that childbirth is natural and not something to hide. How do you feel about it? Would you allow your toddler to witness a sibling's birth?

There is also this amazing hospital birth if you just can't get enough!

*Sorry about the lack of posts in the last week. We were at a family reunion, living life up with the wonderful Williams family.

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  1. I liked watching births when I was expecting too. It is comforting. It's true, the real thing isn't crazy like the movies. But the dramatics makes it a lot more entertaining. I wouldn't let my little boy in with me while actually giving birth, but it's cute to see the little girl comfort her mom while she is in labor.



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