Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby... Hi baby

Kirk's funny haircut, Preston Rodeo

Happy Fourth of July weekend! We had a lot of fun in Idaho visiting with the Brundage's and G&G Williams. Sunday night Kirk felt the baby move. He didn't really believe that it was a baby though, he thought I was doing it. Last week he came up to my stomach and started saying, "Baby... hi baby..." and I was thinking why is he acting so creepy. And then he continued on to say, "It's me, Jennifer Garner." He always makes me laugh. I don't know if you remember that part on the movie Juno, but it was such an awkward scene when Jennifer Garner talks to the baby. If not, you can watch it, just
click here.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Kirk, god of fertility

Always making me laugh!


  1. Wow. What else can I say...?

  2. "If you experience an erection lasting 4 or more hours seek medical attention immediately!"



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