Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't forget to put flowers in your hair...

Typographic map, made by Ork Design

I'm off to San Francisco to give the baby it's first swallow of culture. There are some boutique's I'm hoping to visit. If anyone knows of some must visit places, let me know! I hate it when you get back from a place and people mention cool spots you missed out on.


  1. SO FUN! San Fran was the place where Wade and I decided that we wanted to get married!!! We had the talk on one of the pier's, it was perfect!!! Here are a few places that I LOVED...
    Lombard Street
    Golden Gate Park
    Of course going over the bridge! :)

    It has been years...can I come with you!? LOL

  2. I noticed that the Renegade Craft Fair is July 31 - Aug 1. I wish I could go to that!

  3. David and I love Eagle's Cafe on Pier 39 for breakfast. Seriously, it's so good. Also, I love the Ferry Building (and Miette, even though it's expensive, also they have a farmer's market at the Ferry Building on Tuesdays,Thursdays, and Saturdays). I also like taking the ferry to Sausalito (maybe you should look into this place? Oh and you have to go the Musee Mecanique on Pier 45 to play old games/take photobooth pictures. Oh and ride the trolleys of course.

  4. taylor's automatic refresher at the ferry building! amazing sweet potato french fries!



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