Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy hands are happy hands

photographed by Emily Leishman

I think that is my dad's favorite saying to tell me when I'm talking to him about working late and keeping busy. These last two to three weeks have been out of control. We have a new student booklet that we make called the Viewbook and we've been working on it non-stop. I finally got to see it on the press this morning and it was such a relief (but a little intimidating since 80,000 of them are getting printed)! Last week we got to have a night photo shoot for one of the spreads in the booklet. It turned out amazing and I just had to share. We had a little help from our friends Matt and Whit (aren't the d,i,c and s exceptionally amazing?). I really do love my job!


  1. Yes I would agree... the "D" "I" "C" and "S" are amazing but let's talk a little more about the "I".
    First off: it sparkles- look at the top and bottom- super cool
    Secondly: Look how the "I" illuminates the grass and forms a right angle- catching our eye and leading it up to old main.
    Lastly: It can still be a great "I" in different words like when we spelled the word Kirk suggested. The "I" remained an "I" and still did a really amazing job.

  2. You know that the letters you put spell the word dics. Kinda spooky. I bet you meant to do that. hehe

  3. It looks wonderful! I am glad you are so busy.



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