Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Banking on the Baby

Frog Prince, by Heather Ross for Kokka

Today I got the fabric in that I'm planning on using for the nursery curtains. Other than Kirk's initial reaction that the pattern may be too feminine, it started us on a long and windy conversation on nursery budgets. I explained to Kirk that I was ok with any budget whether it was $200 or $1,000. I just wanted to figure out what we wanted to spend so that I can start planning and finalizing a nursery. (I'm telling you, this nesting stage is a lot harder than I thought it'd be, haha).

We realized there wasn't any easy way to figure it out, (i.e. engagement rings=3 months salary) or any set rules. I want everything to be so cute but we also didn't want to feel frivolous. I asked my mom about it and she said that in the 1980's when she bought our crib, changing table, and dresser they spent $1,500! And they were dirt poor but saved up for it because it was important. I think Kirk and I have reached an agreement, but I'm still really curious to find out what on average you spent on a nursery or plan on spending. Help me out by filling out the below poll!

Average Nursery Cost

Thanks all and I hope it helps you too!


  1. i LOVE the fabric! here are my two cents (although i know this differs from a lot of people)-- and this may turn into fifty cents becuse it'll get long!

    get a cheap crib. kids eat the bars and destroy them anyway:) we got a modern, simple crib from ikea. the mattresses are much more expensive than i expected, so be prepared! we spent about $200 combined.
    we just got sheets (you'll need lots of these as they get bigger and drool/spit up) & i made a blanket.
    no bumper (which also saved tons of money). i loved that i could always see into elle no matter when it was since there was no bumper blocking the way!

    changing tables are super over-rated in my opinion. i change elle wherever i am in our house (although it's usually on the floor). jj cole makes a diaper caddy that is brilliant. make sure you have a changing pad, as they will be sure to pee or poo on everything:) changing tables are so high, and once your kid is too big (elle was by 5 months) and crawling/rolling, they're obsolete anyway! we spent the most on a dresser that would last a while, as well as a corner hutch/dest since she shares a room with our "office." i'd definitely get curtains if you don't already have them (we have wood shades, too), so the light is blocked out for naps more than normal. otherwise? decorate with what you love! oh, and of course, spend the money on things you'll definitely need: wipes & diapers. formula if you're using it. :)

  2. Thanks Amanda, that helps! I am more of a minimalist so I think it's nice to hear someone say the less frills the better.

  3. way cute fabric dorthea! i'm sure whatever you do in your nursery will be extremely cute! i'm assuming you'll need to spend the majority of your budget on a crib. we never bought any type of crib - no space. my kids sleep in pack and plays. and i agree with the waste of time and money on a changing table. you will always resort to the floor for a changing! So I would say spend money on a crib and cute dresser. and cute fabric. oh and another thing - maybe a rocking chair of some sort, a really comfortable one.

  4. Hi Dorthea! My recommendations are make it what you want. it has become my favorite place in my house and I love having everything so organized and having a place for everything.(but I am kinda ocd) it makes my day less hectic. I love being in there with Elliot. it really is such a happy place and so peaceful. I like the idea of having the dresser also act as a changing table like what you are doing. Also I personally think you can get a really nice crib that will last for all kids. I know my parents still have their crib from when jess and josh were babies! I cant wait to see it and we will get you the bassinet!

  5. Thanks Remi and Betsy. You all are so nice for your input. I have a few pieces that I spent less on than what I planned so I think donations from relatives help and they add a sentimental touch. I'll keep you posted.

  6. I loooove that fabric. I don't think it's too girly either. It's for a baby, not a grown man, right?



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