Monday, August 30, 2010


School started up again today at USU and for the last week students have been moving up and into the dorms. The other day I had only walked about 300 yards from my office and realized I needed to use the bathroom NOW. The only buildings around were the freshmen dorms. I dashed in and there was a group of boys getting off the elevator. Being the first week of school and I'm sure ready for any action, they hollered at me from behind. It was so funny because I heard a, "Heeeey!" and so I turned around. It was so funny to see the expression of EEEK on their face as they saw my belly and hurried out of the building. This is what they saw:

(Note: I do not suggest a pregnant freshman girl
to live in the dorms, it seems like it would be a tough life.)
I thought your belly button was supposed to get bigger... I heard today on the radio that the belly button is the 'universal physical characteristic that all humans share'. Soon I may not be considered human (27 weeks).


  1. You look so great, that is so funny too. Ha! 11-13 weeks left, your almost there! :)

  2. probably the cutest prego lady ever! love these pictures. and that story is classic! you still got it! your belly button looks good. i never lost mine.

  3. I was thinking anytime now it was going to be really obvious. Yay for cute pregnant Dorthea! Oh, how I wish I could have been there to see that story unfold.



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