Friday, September 10, 2010

Third Tri

I am now in my third trimester. Time seems to be spinning by, especially when I'm not sick. I have had a lot of questions, advice and puzzlement on how I'm planning to birth the baby into the world. I figured I'd explain a little so that there is some clarity. (And also to maybe help anyone out that may have questions or is looking for birthing options).

I guess it all started when I was born, haha. Seriously though... my mom had both my sister and I cesarean section. Her mother had all 5 of her children at home naturally. Pretty big difference. The recovery from the cesarean and the complications that have risen after convinced my mom that it was a method to be avoided. So being raised with my mom's insight and experience, I always grew up thinking/knowing that natural was the best way if possible. And that staying away from intervention is the best way to achieve the birth that I envision/want and also stay in control.

When I explained this to my OBGYN he stared a little blankly at me and didn't really offer up other options other than the standard epidural, pitocin, episiotomy experience. This was not the route that I had envisioned in my mind and I knew that there was a possibility of something else. It was hard for me to understand that with so many different body types, cultures, needs and wants how are we funneled into one birthing option? At least that's what 98% of our hospital's (Logan, UT) patients were categorized under.

We found Hypnobabies through the experience of our sister, Jasi. Its' course outline actually includes trusting and listening to our bodies, and how to work with our bodies. Our teacher, Amy Ellis was excellent (and is actually starting another 6-week session Sept. 15th if you're here in Logan). With the class we decided to set up our support team with a doula, midwife and a doctor. These are the roles that they'll each play:

Alexis Montrone is the doula that we chose. The easiest way for me to explain her role is she will be our birthing coach. She is Hypnobabies certified and will come to our home when I start the birthing process. If Kirk gets tired she is there to take over and also help him to know what to do next. She brings all types of fun toys such as a birthing ball, laborade, a reboso scarf, and snacks for me to keep my strength up. But she does not deliver the baby.

we chose a midwife over a doctor for the delivery of the baby for two reasons. One, she is more experienced and comfortable in natural births. She explained it to me this way. Her and the doctor both have the same end-goal in mind, healthy mom and baby, but she will take different routes to get there. Doctor's have protocol they have to follow b/c of liability and malpractice, and they can't deviate from them. Where a midwife is more willing to listen to your needs and trust you as the patient. Two, she will be there the entire time, as soon as we arrive at the hospital she will be our bosom buddy.

our doctor is reserved for what he does best. If there are any complications and a surgery is needed, he will be there to produce the best outcome- delivering a healthy baby.

In my mind, a cesarean is the last thing that I would like. So if I prepare myself to be as far away from it on a spectrum, the lower the chances are of it becoming a reality. We have also prepared a birth plan that will be posted on the hospital door. This way the hospital staff is aware of our needs and the outcome that we want. I know there can always be hiccups, but I also believe in mind over matter. I'm so excited to give birth and place complete trust in my body. And finally be able to meet the little dancer (just like his daddy) that is inside of me . Let me know if you have any questions, and sorry about the long-a post.


  1. You sound ready to go girl! I love what you have decided. Hypnobabies sounds awesome. I was bummed I had to deliver my first via C-section but she was breach and I didn't want to distress her with the process of diversion. It was such a disappointment but in the one day's notice I had before the surgery I felt that as long as we had a healthy baby, she could come out however needed. I was able to deliver the 2nd vaginal and was stoked. Although I wanted to go natural it was a hard and fast labor so I caved and got the epidural! I wish I had been a little more prepared with classes (Bradley method, etc.) and I wish my hospital had a tub so I could've labored in there. But again, as long as baby is healthy....
    I hope that this experience is all that you want it to be. It is pretty special! You sound extremely prepared and that is so important. Can't wait to meet that kid too!

  2. It is nice to hear your feelings more in-depth on this, even though we have talked about it a little before. I didn't know your mom had c-sections. You are smart to let everyone know what you want ahead of time. You are going to be so prepared and do wonderfully! My second birth was much better because I knew what I wanted and told people right away.

    Luckily, not all drs. are like the one you described. I know because my first was delivered by someone similar. However, my OB/GYN and the doctor who delivered my second (both happen to be women) are totally different and more open to each individual's wants and needs.

  3. Hey girl! Trish told me about your blog and so now I'm stalking you! ;)
    Seriously though, sounds like a good plan. I always wondered what a doula did so thanks for explaining that.
    oh, and I can't believe the baby will almost be here!

  4. Hey ladies, I'm glad to hear from you all, especially all my mother friends. I'm pretty excited about being able to join the mother's club. Thanks for being so supportive!



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