Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can you tell what city this is...?

handcut map by studio k. Amazing, huh?

• Steve Nash and Michael J. Fox are from the country this city is in
• The Olympics were held there
• I get to go there for my Golden Birfday!

Yes, it is Vancouver. So this year is my Golden Birthday, I'm turning 26 on the 26th of Ocotber (sorry for all you birthdays out there that missed your Golden Birthday when you were 7 or something like that). Kirk had told me he had something planned but couldn't tell me until 26 days before my birthday, which was October 1st. To my surprise, we get to go to CANADA! I'm so excited, apparently I have a subconscious obsession with Canada that will now be fulfilled.

We leave October 23rd, and I'll be 34 weeks along. I'm not supposed to fly after 36. Kirk cut it just a bit close, but we're up for an adventure. He keeps saying even if the baby is born in Canada, it will have dual citizenship and since it's socialized healthcare, we can have it for free. He's so smart, it can't get any better than that!


  1. I hope your Golden Birthday and trip to Vancouver are mind blowing! Have a fun time!

  2. I still dream about the wonderful time I spent in Canada. It was beautiful and everything was soooooo Canadian (everything was a little off, like a parallel universe). And I really loved hearing, 'eh'.

  3. Seriously my heart hurts. I miss Autumn in Canada. I just googled 34 weeks and it says the baby will be fine if it's born that early. So go to Canada and have the baby there and then eat fries and gravy.

  4. Although your heart hurts, it gets me excited to go visit. I thought someone I knew had gone to Vancouver! For some reason I thought you went to Vancouver Washington, so now I'm even more excited b/c your pictures looked like so much fun. I'll be sure to eat some fries and gravy. The one restaurant we're excited to go to is Nando's. It was our favorite place in London and they have them in Vancouver but not Madrid or Japan, Lyndsey!

  5. vancouver is a beautiful city! yes, for some reason canada is appealing.....
    hope you have a wonderful trip and golden birthday!!

  6. Thanks girl! Any ideas on what to do? p.s. Rachel where do you get fries and gravy?



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