Friday, October 15, 2010

Teenie Weenie Parties

I've had so much fun this last week. It's been a really special week in that we've been able to celebrate the coming of Monroe (that's the name that we've been using for the baby) with all our friends and family. Last weekend we got to go to Las Vegas, the longest trip we've made in the last 6 months. My mom and sister planned an amazing shower and they couldn't have done it without the help of Grandpa Williams. Nana Connie, Kirk's mama, was able to drive down with us. The weekend was so much fun, and I couldn't believe how generous everyone was that attended. It literally brought me to tears, so excuse the smeared mascara in the pictures.

My mom had the help of Minda Smith to help her plan all the decorations. Some highlights were the pom poms & chocloate covered popcorn from Grandma Williams, Bishop Sabate printed signs for the shower as his gift, Kim Martinez made a onesie cake that looked amazing (how spoiled is our baby), Aunt Trish made chocolate cake suckers by hand, not to mention all the delicious food for the guests, Grandpa Williams made diapers for the game we played, and put together the crib that was used to hold all the presents in. It was so grand, seriously!

There were so many people that came, it was wonderful. The boys were just there in the morning to help set everything up. These are just a few photos of who came. It was so great seeing people that were so excited for the arrival of little Monroe! My favorite picture is me sandwiched in between the skinniest (and so pretty) people in the world, Christina and Lisa (bottom right). Haha, they are such good friends!

These were just a few of the gifts that I got pictures of (cute Aunt Nic was the photographer for the night). She and my Aunt Julene made the blanket in the top middle row. Next to that is the sweet little quilt that my mom and dad made. I love it so much! My sister got us the most stylish clothes and accessories, one gift included swaddling blankets by aden + anais. My Aunt Maragarita was teaching Kirk how to use them to tie your baby onto your back. Grandma Connie & Jasi made a beautiful carrier cover that has hippos sewn on, so cute! Sister Davidse stamped the see you later alligator onesie. These were just a few of the wonderful gifts we got! Thanks again everyone, you are amazing!

Then last night my friends from SEI had a 'little' party. I don't have the pictures but I'll post them soon. Everything at the party was mini, including little smokies. That's where the teenie weenie party came from, haha. I thought it was so funny. They had the most clever activity. They had a bunch of blank onesies and then they brought all these iron-ons and had everyone make a onesie for Monroe. We left the party with the coolest wardrobe for him! They look similar to these:

I'll post more pictures when I download them. Thanks again everyone, it has been so much fun!


  1. It was an awesome shower. I loved everything about it, you deserve it too. So excited for Monroe to come.

  2. Thanks Heatha'! We'll make Calvin and Monroe become bff's. I'm excited to be experiencing this right alongside you!



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