Friday, November 19, 2010

As the spanish say, O Canadá

I know it's been almost a month but I had to post the pictures from Vancouver. It was such a beautiful place! I've been so warm that I told Kirk he couldn't have picked a better place to take me. Unfortunately anything warm and tropical sounded awful, but the rain and mid 50's was the perfect spot for a 34 week pregnant lady. Here they are, and thanks again Kirk for the wonderful Golden Birthday gift.

Capilano Suspension Bridge & Vancouver Aquarium

Buchart Gardens & ferry, Victoria Island, B.C.- none of these were enhanced, it's really that pretty!


  1. oh how i miss you!! I can't believe monroe will be here any second. i love reading your posts. miss you. miss you. miss you.

  2. Love your pretty silhouette against the aquarium. Looks like fun. We thought maybe we would go to Canada next summer? Then I could say I'd been out of the country.

  3. Miss you too keish, can't wait for monroe to meet luke! And maria you should definitely go to canada. It was great! I don't know if neil ate at nando's in england but they have them in vancouver. That's reason enough to go.

  4. What a beautiful place! You are looking great too! I cannot wait to hear your news of Monroe's arrival!!! :)

  5. Are you kidding?! They have a Nando's. Neil is so excited to take me there when we go to England. He talks about the Peri-peri sauce (whatever that is). He will be so excited. Maybe I will have to surprise him with that. Thanks for the tip.



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