Friday, November 12, 2010

Forgive Me Utah

Today on the way to work, I had my first roadkill experience. I was driving along in front of the elementary school and I saw a seagull slowly swooping towards the car. I was sure that it would change its flight path but no... it locked in eye contact on my front tire and dove straight into it. I felt the thud underneath me and immediately called Kirk... but no answer. It wasn't dead and it was just stretching out it's neck in a circular motion. I didn't know if I should:

A. Run it back over and take it out of it's misery,
but maybe make a more traumatic experience for the school children
B. Call the police, I mean IT IS the state bird
C. Just keep going.

I just kept going and watched the bird through my rear view mirror... I felt like I was crazy to back over it again but apparently that was the humane choice and I failed. Poor bird. I'll drive by after work and if it's still struggling, I guess I'll finish what I started.

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