Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy 30th Kirky

Today is Kirk's 30th birthday. I don't know if you watch Modern Family, but Kirk's birthdays used to be like the one where Gloria surprises Jay with a trip to Hawaii. Everything was a 'SURPRISE'! One year after I planned a disastrous camping trip in February, Kirk broke it down for me, he doesn't really like surprises. So since then, I consult him with his special birthday day and coordinate what he'd like to do.

This year he really wanted to go to the family cabin in Sun Valley. It was an easy enough request and we were lucky to have his parents come with us. We got there Friday night and had to ride in on snowmobiles at 11:15 pm in 10 degree weather. It was an adventure and we weren't sure how Monroe would handle it. But as usual, he fell asleep on the snowmobile ride in.

It was an amazing weekend, and even though Kirk doesn't like surprise events, he still likes surprise gifts. I'm really excited to give him his present tonight and I'll show a bit of it on the blog tomorrow. Happy Birthday Kirk!


  1. What kind of 'SURPRISES' have you done for him!? Did you blindfold him and take him to Desert Shores lake or make him a firebolt broom? Happy Birthday!

  2. and why was the camping trip disastrous?



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