Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 stories...

So this is the gift that so many people contributed to for Kirk's 30th birthday. I was able to get over 30 different stories from family & friends. I didn't think I'd get as many back as I did but it ended up being more than 30 (so it should hold him over until he's 34). It was really fun to read through and thanks to everyone for helping!

Rachel, you asked about the disastrous camping trip 'surprise' that I planned for Kirk, haha. Well whenever we drive to Las Vegas there's this exit that Kirk always would wonder what existed off that exit. I asked Kirk's brother and he said he had heard there were some ghost towns and abandoned silver mines. I thought it sounded like fun, so I packed up our camping gear and cooler and for Kirk's birthday pretended we were driving to Salt Lake.
About 20 minutes into our drive I told Kirk, "You know how you always wonder what's off that exit on our way to Las Vegas? Well, surprise! For your birthday we're going to find out. I have all our gear so we can camp wherever we want." Kirk faked a smile but I could tell he looked so distraught. "Camping in February? It just snowed yesterday," was his reply. I hadn't really thought it through, weather and all.
We ended up taking the exit and driving for about 40 minutes without finding anything. We pulled over and set up our camping equipment but after about an hour and half, and one frostbitten toe later we decided to pack up. Here's a picture of it. (After that year, Kirk's always told me what he'd like to do for his birthday.)


  1. So cold and so cute. Best wife ever!

  2. That story is so funny. Your little camping trip looks so cute though. I really like the pictures. AND that book turned out great and I forgot about that picture of Kirk and me. He was dressed up like you and I was dressed up as Mexican Kirk? p.s.that's so sweet that kirk would sneak Monroe to bed.

  3. I LOVE this idea!! I'm totally going to do it! Thanks!



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