Monday, March 14, 2011

Buffalo and Triceratop, at last together

Monroe and I went to Idaho this weekend while Kirk went to Las Vegas. (We did a parent swap.) On the drive up, we found none other than a buffalo and triceratops grazing together in a rock pile. It was so funny and the most random yard animals I've ever seen. Here are some pictures of the fun weekend we had with all the cousins!
Bath time with Ellie, Opa & Nana. Ellie & Jonah in the fridge. Boulder loving on sad Monroe.

I hadn't been able to post some of the other VIP people Monroe's visited since he has born, but here are a few. (We're off to Las Vegas tomorrow, he's I'm just a traveling fool.)

Great Williams Grandparents and Great Aunt Jade & Uncle Cal in Boise. Imo Lisa and Abuelitos Williams in Las Vegas.

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  1. Dorthea! Maria just directed me to your blog! Your newest addition is adorable!! Congrats! Hope all is well.



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