Thursday, March 3, 2011


This is a little journal that I've been keeping for Monty (Kirk/Matt's nickname for Monroe, and it's somehow sticking). I just found this small booklet at Hobby Lobby and just try to find one thing a day that I think Monroe would like to read about when he gets older. My favorites are:

• "Blood Mustache" (the time he scratched my chest
while he was nursing  and gave himself a blood mustache)
• 1/4/11- 1st movie Monroe attended in theatres (Next 3 Days)
• 1/16/11- Saw the sun for the first time... eyes hurt & lot of sneezes
• 1/31/11- "He's a baby, not a scientist." (Kirk's comment in the
middle of the night when I was frustrated.)
• 2/7/11- Burped so hard/loud you made yourself cry
• 2/23/11- First non-family babysitter, Alexis the Doula, came over. Reminded her that your poo is black so that she wasn't alarmed (due to colic medicine).


  1. such a cool book! you forget all these little things that happen.

    I personally like the "burp so loud...he cried" these boys come out BOYS!

  2. Aaawww, the pictures you took make the book look so enticing, like a diary full of juicy secrets

  3. this is great! i did something similar like this with niki but have slacked off with g. it is so funny to look back and read those little tidbits.



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