Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Craft Attempt #1

Although this isn't my first craft attempt, it is my first attempt at making a quilt. Monroe doesn't particularly enjoy 'tummy time' but I want his little neck to get stronger. So, I'm making him a quilt/play blanket that has objects sewn on to it so that he has a reward for staying on his stomach. These are the fabrics I chose:

They were the manliest ones with a bright color palette that could keep his attention. I found the coolest fabric store in... PRESTON, ID (yes, that is where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed). It's called Suppose and feels like it would belong in downtown Portland, or some other hip downtown. It even has letter pressed business cards. If you pass through Preston at any time, leave time to visit Suppose and to eat tacos at El Tapatio.

I'll show more as I'm plugging along.

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