Thursday, April 7, 2011


Thanks for the encouragement/comments on unswaddling Monroe. He's done great again today so we'll see how it keeps going. At night we're still keeping him swaddled but maybe this next week we'll try it if he seems ready.

Well we're off again to Las Vegas! Kirk is going on a random trip to London so Monroe and I are going down to stay with Abuelos Williams. My mom calls Monroe 'vago' which translates to vagabond since he's always bouncing around to a new destination. I wanted to keep track of where he went his first year so I made him a little map. (It's getting pretty full for a four month old.) My mom tells Monroe that she didn't take her first plane ride until she was in her twenties! And he's already flown 3 times! We'll see how this next flight goes. He's always really interested in the plane surroundings and hasn't cried yet... (I think I just jinxed myself).


  1. how cute is that map?! I want one! So darling.

    Could Monroe be any cuter?! ummm no! Also, I think I spy with my little eye a blanket Luke gave Monroe in the post below! :) yay for blankies.

    maybe one of these days we can get the two misters together! xoxo

  2. Monroe loves that little blanket! He likes to cuddle it to his nose, funny huh? We definitely need to get the boys together. Monroe's finally starting to acknowledge other children. Talk to you soon girl!

  3. hi! i just saw your post about damon sleeping through the night. first, monroe is so so cute! he really is a doll. damon was seriously the worst sleeper ever as a little little baby. i never slept. anyway, we decided that at 6 months i would not feed him at night and we would see if he could cry himself back to sleep. it only took about a week and we got lucky. now he goes from about 8:15 to 6:00, then i put him in bed with us and he goes till almost 7:00. i feel like a new woman! how is monroe doing? are you guys in utah or idaho?

  4. Youll add Yuma when you come down in the summer! yay!

  5. Dotty, I love your blog!! It is so fun to see and read about Monroe and the things you guys are doing! I am still so sad that we didn't get to see him before leaving to London! Soon enough though and we will be back in Utah and we'll come see the little guy. We had a great time with Kirk and Derrick! I wish so badly that you and Monroe could have come!! Talk to you soon!



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