Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I do believe!

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I almost don't want to write this because I'm not sure I believe it (I also don't want the universe to hear me and reverse this magnificent event). I was starting to think that Monroe had developed insomnia. These last couple weeks he'd been waking up every 2-3 hours. But last night a miracle occurred... he slept through the night. Say what? It's the night I had been dreaming about since the day he was born. A full night's rest!

But it wasn't that simple. He slept wonderfully but I on the other hand was awake all but 2 hours. I was excited (is this really happening?), nervous (is he breathing? I better go check), an absence (he doesn't need me as much anymore), and engorged (when did I develop two stone pin cushions on my chest?). All in all, it was exciting, but I'm a bit skeptical to see it happen two nights in a row. We'll find out I guess.

P.S. I think Monroe ate some magic growing beans yesterday because this morning I felt his first tooth (bottom right)!


  1. Isn't that the case!? Once they sleep through the night WE (mom's) are up every 2 hours to check on them to make sure they are really okay!!! I will pray that he sleeps for you again...I was never blessed with good sleepers.

  2. I must be a bad mom because when Elizabeth slept through the night I didn't even notice until she woke up the next morning.
    Also, I was sort of hoping that this blog would have a video of you doing a "I Believe That We Will Win" esque dance but have you chanting "I Believe That He Will Sleep". Can't you just see it?

  3. Haha, that would be great Breea. I really should teach Monroe a dance to it and video it. He did it again! Yay. So that's at least 2 nights in a row.

  4. Yay for sleep! Keep it up baby Monroe! Dotty, I hope he maintains this new routine so you can get your sleep too!

  5. Marielita Hi, I am Eu, I want to tell her that Diego sleeps through the night since 3 weeks ago, and I think has been the change of food. He's already made ​​ and also making their rice porridge eaten ... that does not wake up hungry at night. I think it also helped the two months since he got his sleep routine. Every night, bathing, changing diapers and finally takes his milk, he already knows it's bedtime. I put it in his crib and sleeps only after a 15 minutes.
    I think the first time I slept all night, I realized until the next morning lol, I also feel like a bad mom, but I think it was for the same work fatigue that made ​​me sleep like him. :) I hope that Monroe can sleep all night now:) it is good to rest more. I send greetings from El Salvador! I hope to share more experiences of our babies!

  6. Hola Eu, I'm so glad you wrote on here! Do you have a blog as well? Espero que si para que pueda ver fotos de ustedes. Los quiero mucho!



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