Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Royale

Who's going to watch the royal wedding? If you are a true anglophile and want to win the map above you can enter by leaving a comment on this blog. I'm really tempted to watch since Monty's back to not sleeping well (the universe heard me and retaliated... or his two teeth popping through really hurt). He usually wakes up around 3 so I might just do it.

P.S. Charles and Diana were married the same year as my parents, my sister was born the same year as William and I was born the same year as Harry. We've always had a connection, haha. Maybe my sister will get married this year too.


  1. I want to watch it live. I tried talking dan into getting up with ellie in the morning so I could sleep in after watching it but he thinks I'm I'm gonna have steph and jayson tivo it. I can't wait to see get dress.

  2. I think I may watch it. But it will be on at 7:00 PM where I live. By the way, I like how you used Anglophile.

  3. I'm for sure going to watch it. I can't get enough of this modern day Cinderella story.

  4. Matt you missed it LIVE! I should have sent you the times, sorry. I got to watch them exchange vows thanks to my cute 'alarm clock' and then went back to sleep.



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