Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Phantom Cries...

I'm adding this picture of Monroe in his Easter outfit to make this post not as spooky.
If you look close, you can see his little tooth poking up.

The creepiest thing has been happening to me since I went down to Las Vegas this last month. I hear a baby crying but when I check on Monroe, he's sound asleep. It's not a short wail or scream. It's a long drawn out cry. While I'm hearing it, I'll watch Monroe on the video monitor and he's dead out. Last night was the worst, I heard it from 5-8 in the morning.

My sister thinks maybe it's another baby crying out from the other side wanting to come over, haha (too soon for me). I found this forum where a lot of mother's complain about the same thing. Most of them say it happens while there is white noise (we sleep with a fan on). Has this happened to you guys?


  1. Never had that. Your wack a doodle. Kidding. My fave part of this post is the label.

  2. I think I hear my kids crying when they are not (mostly when the tv or fan is on) but not for like 3 straight hours. Creepy! Next time get up and look around for a ghost. Just kidding!

  3. I love this picture.

    Sometimes the same thing happens with my phone. I think I hear it but... no. I heard that it's because we hear another sound that has the same frequency of our phone... Perhaps it's the same with babies??



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