Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alpargata Shoes

Yes, my son really is that pale and yes he really is my kin.

This last time we were down in Las Vegas, my sister and I decided it'd be fun to make some house slippers. She loves her Tom's. We decided to look up where the original design for Tom's came from. They are called alpargata's and mainly found in Argentina. We made her some adult sized alpargata's and thought, "How cute would these be for babies?". We made some for Monroe and I just loved them (plus they were pretty painless).

The first pair I made out of canvas and used felt for the sole (which is the picture up above). But then I found a wool felt fabric that I loved and made some more. They were a little too snug for Monroe because wool doesn't give as much so now I have a baby shower gift. We made a pattern for my sisters' pair that we scaled down for a baby.

Here's the pattern and instructions if you want to make them:

Let me know if something doesn't make sense.
I obviously think they do but that doesn't mean anything.


  1. Are you going to make me a pair?

  2. start selling these... they are adorable! and of course even your instructions are perfect! Oh, and when you make Kirk his pair, post that picture on here too!!! :)

  3. I want to make some! I love Toms but I cant afford them:( haha They look so cute on Monroe.

  4. Thanks for the pattern. I am going to remember this one. That is a great gift idea.



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