Thursday, May 19, 2011


This past weekend was really wonderful. My mom came and visited from Las Vegas. She had her one on one time with Monroe (Kirk and I got two date nights). She is so sweet to Monroe. Any little grunt of discomfort he makes, she immediately jumps up and starts to entertain him. She calls him 'papa' and if he's ever sad she soothes him by saying, "Aye no papa! Que pasa papa?". It's so cute.

Also Monroe has a new little cousin. Remi gave birth to Rylee on Saturday May 14th. She is tiny (well 7 lb 12 oz) and so sweet! Remi used hypnobabies and had a healthy baby girl 2 hours after getting to the hospital. Go Remi! We are so excited to get to know our new little niece.


  1. awwww Nilda mami is sooo cuuute.

  2. the pictures of your mom with Monroe almost made me cry. She loves him SOOOOO much:)



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