Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Secret #1

My post today is dedicated to my Grandma Ruiz, my Mama Olivia.
The highlight of my day happened because of a superstitious Salvadoran remedy.
Isn't she the cutest little Spanish grandma ever?

PSHHHHH! That is the magic pooping word for babies. Who knew? This weekend we spent a glorious Memorial Day in St. George with my family. Monroe has been having trouble with his #2's and so this weekend my mom would hold him under his thighs and dangle him between her knees and repeat, "Pshhh, pshhh, pshhh..." He'd turn bright red and do his business.

Today Kirk was asking me, "What was your mom doing this weekend with those washing machine noises?". I explained and Kirk didn't believe it. I turned to Monroe and started saying "Pshh...". That's all it took for his face to turn bright red and prove his grandma right.

Family Secret #1 Revealed:

Whisper "pshhh" to a constipated baby and chances are you'll give him some relief.

P.S. For adult relief, hit your knees while on the throne. I've had friends swear this works, haha.


  1. Whenever the dishwasher is on I have to go number 2!

  2. ohh! wait a few months- now elle SAYS, "PSSHH!" and turns bright red... she does all the talking work for me! :)

  3. Is it okay that for years I´ve thought of you when pooping?



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