Thursday, June 2, 2011

St. Georgie

We spent Memorial Day weekend in St. George. My family drove up from Las Vegas and we had so much fun with each one another and the warm weather. These were some of the things we did:
ate at Troy's BBQ (amazing everytime), went swimming in water that was a bit too cold, hiked Three Ponds in Snow Canyon (it was all fun and games until about 15 minutes into it), got matching Skechers with Aunt Trish, Kirk showed off his new police baton to my mama, on the way home we swam in the hot spring at Meadows (in water that was just right).

We also stopped in Payson to visit Kirk's paternal grandparents. Irvin Monroe Brundage is who Monty is named after. With all our stops on the way home it turned a 5 hour trip into a 9 hour trip. Monroe was a trooper and only cried for the last 15 minutes!


  1. I have been to the hot springs in Meadow!! I did not think people knew about those things!! Were they in the middle of a field?! We went when it was dark but it seemed like after we parked we trudged through a snow packed field to get into some hot pools that were more like a hole in the ground with warm water :) Sounds like a fun weekend!



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