Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mr. Brundage, so official

If you don't know, this is a good way to find out. Kirk has decided to sell his company and starting July 1st he will be done with T-Mobile. With the AT&T merger there are just too many uncertainties so it seemed like a good time to get out. The Wall Street Journal called him this week to do an interview about his decision and the merger. It made the front cover of the business section! You can't read it online unless you're a subscriber but that's the basic jist of the interview. Pretty fun way for Kirk to get closure with his decision. I'm so proud of him and we'll see what our next adventure holds.


  1. That's so cool! Will you stay in Logan or go somewhere else? If you went somewhere else where would it be? David and I are lost and we don't know where to go next. Why don't we start a detective agency or a visual social networking site and cal it pinbook.

  2. No clue yet... We're open for anything and anywhere. I like your ideas, now I just need to convince kirk. Lately I've been obsessed with new mexico.

  3. Good for him. I think I would have done the same thing too. I just think it's messed up that they are even joining together and they didn't even tell anyone about it. Good luck on your next adventure! Move to Vegas so Calvin and Monty can play!



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