Tuesday, June 28, 2011


top row: Monroe with his 'welcome to the big-top' diapers, kiddie pool with papa, Uncle Joshie time
bottom row: car seat button impression after nap, curly slide, Kirk's gypsy haircut 

The little girls in our neighborhood get confused with the order of the syllables in Monroe's name. I think ROE-MON is more fitting for these photos at the aquatic center (with his state sanctioned euro-diapers). While we were waiting in line for the curly slide Monroe grabbed some curly's on the man's belly that was next to us in line and gave it a massage/yank. I didn't notice until the man uncomfortably said, "Excuse me...". We had fun all the way until someone left a brown foot-long in the pool. That was our queue to head home. When doesn't that happen at the public pool?

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