Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This week while Kirk was away I was playing with Monroe on the stairs (his favorite past time). We went into his room and then there was a knock at the door. I started walking down the stairs and noticed a fortune cookie note folded on the stairs. When I opened it, it read "You look tired." I've been working way late into the night on some projects, so I thought Kirk had come home early to surprise me with a scavenger hunt. I ran to the door but it was our friend Courtney.

I told her about the weird note and then put it into my pocket and forgot about it the rest of the day with work, Monroe and everything else. When I was getting ready for bed, the note fell out of my pant pocket... and I froze. If it wasn't Kirk, who was it!? I was so scared, but decided I had to be the mom and check the rooms just to be safe.

I couldn't bring myself to look in the closets and under the beds though. Our neighbors lights were still on, so I went over and asked if they'd finish the search for me. I told them unless the burglar was Asian, compact and hiding in a really good spot, I was pretty sure the house was clear. They didn't find anything and left me with some pepper spray.

I can now tell you that I can sleep pretty comfortably with a Bersa 380 and pepper spray under my pillow. Nothing happened but I will say it's one of the creepier things thats happened to me.
Luckily Kirk's home now!

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  1. soooo creepy. keep us posted if you find out who it was. you are braver than me, my dear!



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