Monday, October 10, 2011

DIY Non-Albino Rhino

Monroe was invited to his first birthday party last week. I had been wanting to make Monroe a pull toy for a while so I decided to make two at once. I was able to make this during one of Monroe's naps, just over an hour. So simple, but personal!

Here's what you need 
(a lot of the items you may already have like yarn, glue, etc):

• rhino template (see below)
• 10" x 10" x 1" wood slab
• wooden wheels (found mine at Hobby Lobby)
• yarn, jute, or rope for pull-string
• dowel & dowel end covers
• sandpaper
• wood glue
• jigsaw (found one at K-Mart for $20, sorry Chinese laborers)
• drill
• watercolor paints

Click to enlarge and print.

1. Trace template onto wooden square and cut out with jigsaw.
2. Cut two 3-inch pieces from dowel.
3. Drill out the four holes (2 for wheel placement, eye, and string hole).
4. Smooth edges, holes and imperfections with sandpaper.
5. Watercolor wheels, rhino, dowels and dowel ends covers.
6. Place wheels through the rhino and dowels and glue dowel end covers.
7. String yarn or desired string through the rhino's nose.

I love the way the wood grain shows through with the watercolors. Let me know if there's any questions!

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  1. Love it Dotty! That's crazy you found a jigsaw for $20. There are so many good uses for them. I may ask someone else support those same Chinese laborers this Christmas.



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