Saturday, February 18, 2012

Homemaker (*cringe*) until now...

My sister took this picture in India of a mother and daughter. They were beggars and looked so beautiful.

Tomorrow I'm in charge of teaching the teenage girls at my church about... homemaking. Ew, I hate that word. It seems outdated, weak and definitely doesn't give me credit for my never ending job. I was looking online for a different word that really encompassed what a wife/mother/non-paid-every-type-of-hat-wearer really does and I came across this article. It made me definitely rethink what the word homemaker means. I wish these words could make it into parenthesis after the word homemaker:

"...I just wonder if maybe it’s time we gave the H-word, Homemaker, back some of its status. After all, most of us live in homes of one kind or another. “Home” is a very powerful concept: it’s not just a place to sleep, or store food, or keep out of the elements…it’s also a place to enjoy our family, to spend time with friends, to retreat from the world, to be at peace, to feel safe and loved. No matter how high-powered or important our jobs outside of the house are, and no matter how busy and active we are in outside-the-home pursuits, home is really the center of the world for most people…and from keeping it warm to keeping it safe–to maybe even keeping it attractive–there’s plenty of work to be done at home."

I'm blessed to have a home to make amazing things happen inside its' walls! This short post convinced me, let's see if I can convince teenage girls that being a homemaker is the coolest, hippest and most fulfilling job in the world!

p.s. Just in case it doesn't, are there any words you use to describe what you do at home? (other than watch t.v. all day, sip mimosas and get pedicures... a common misconception)


  1. I have to teach this exact lesson this coming up Sunday. Any tips to give to me? Still am uneasy about teaching this lesson.

  2. Bet those girls are super excited about homemaking now. I couldn't think of a better person to do that lesson. I love your attitude with everything you do (if you're going to do something, you may as well give it your all). It so true how we spend so much time at home, it is important!



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