Friday, May 25, 2012

D.I.'ing it up

The D.I. is the place you can tell Monroe is my son. Where Kirk won't even step inside, Monroe and I can spend over an hour just browsing through the aisles of treasures. Kirk has set some boundaries for his woman, and asked me to stop bringing home items from the D.I. Seeing that we have also been a on budget, I've found a way to still get my D.I. fix, but not make any purchases.

I have a list of people that I send photos to of items that I think need a good home. This week I found a mid-century headboard (just gorgeous) for $8, a breadbox with kitchen canisters for $6 (for the set!) and a peda-stool table with a leaf for $15. I sent out my mass text to my adoptive parents and found a good home for the headboard and bread box.

These items are just too dear to let go unnoticed and it makes me so happy to find people that appreciate them. If you'd like to get added to my D.I. list, just leave a comment. I'll get your number added!



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