Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daughter of Job

Our last ultrasound was almost a month ago. It actually looked a little human... I didn't have to turn it over 5 times to show my coworkers, "See yeah that little spot is the baby, I think...". Here is what we saw at 12 weeks:

12 weeks

We also got to see it moving its' arms around and stretching, which is so weird that I can't feel anything yet with how much it was moving. This week we're going in for our third (16 week) ultrasound, and apparently the baby has eyelids at this point. Kirk downloaded an application on his phone that tracks the baby's growth and my symptoms week by week. As he went down the list of symptoms I might/could/rarely be feeling, I felt like I could place a check mark next to 'All of the above'. Was there ever a female parallel to Job? If there is, I think that's what pregnancy should be called.

13 weeks


  1. your blog title is perfect! also, i love the way you designed your blog.I might need some help with my new blog, 'dropkick madrid' that name too annoying?

  2. Rachel, speak of the devil! I really like your blog name. I would love to help you design it. Just let me know when you get some ideas together and when you want to start. I was going to call you because Heather Melgar's aunt is from Madrid. I wanted to know if you were still looking for a sponsor. Let me know.

  3. oh good. I will come up with some ideas. I already applied for my visa, but if she knows of a company willing to sponsor me, maybe I could call the consulate and ask to change my visa. I will be going on a student visa, so I should be able to work a little bit. Does she know of a good place to live? But, you don't have to bug Heather's aunt, I can bug her.

  4. I'll call her and explain everything to her and then I'll let her know that you'll call. That way you can ask her any other questions you might think of.

  5. Yay for 16 weeks and a little bump!



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