Friday, March 25, 2011

Mt. Baldy

We know Monroe looked bald anyways, but surprisingly look how much hair we cut (it's the photo in the middle).

We had a bright parenting moment... or so we thought. Monroe was starting to get some old Chinese man whiskers on the top of his head and so we thought, "Let's even it out." We used Kirk's facial electric shaver and man oh man, did it shave. We felt so bad after the first strip was cut but we couldn't leave him looking a fool so we carried on. I don't think it was our proudest parenting moment but Monroe sure is a good sport. In our family prayer tonight I asked for him to please forgive us for the haircut we gave him. I hope he understood!


  1. I cried after a few of my first haircuts... thinking what have I done? But it all grows back. My sister intentionally shaves her babies heads so it will come back in more evenly.

  2. Aaww he looks so sad, you got the lip.... Yes! Its a good thing we got those kiddy candid pictures before this blunder.

  3. Whaaat the heeeck?!?! He had that much hair before??? Too crazy!

  4. I did cry when I went to pick up his hair. I felt bad taking away his hair that he brought with him from Heaven. I kept telling everyone he had a lot of hair but no one believed me.

  5. Dofea,
    Monroe is a beaut. I want our boys to pals. Someday.... I can't believe he had that much hair before. In many cultures they shave babies heads to help their hair grown in thicker. You can claim one of those if you want.
    LI've seeing you via the WWW.



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